Our Board of Advocates

Mustard Seed Ranch was established in 1999 by founders Tom and Martha McCall along with a Board of Directors who have a deep compassion and commitment to helping abused and neglected children. Together with many others who have volunteered their time, they serve as advocates for these youth who have not been given a voice or an opportunity to make choices for themselves.

The Lasting Effects of Child Abuse

Abuse is a serious issue that devastates the lives of an estimated 906,000 children in the U.S. every year. The impact of child abuse is long lasting and far-reaching. Child abuse cost taxpayers an estimated $103.8 billion in 2007. Not only are 28% more likely to be arrested as adults and 30% more likely to commit violent crimes, but 1/3 of abused and neglected children eventually victimize their own children.

Justin's earliest memory in life was his mom hitting him. She would hit him just to wake him up for school every day.

If we do not break this incessant cycle of abuse, these kids will pass down to the next generation what was passed down to them: abuse and abandonment. It is our responsibility as a community to protect and care for our children to ensure that some day the cycle of child abuse will stop.

Executive Board of Directors

Robert Allison
Innovate Partners

John-Paul Beeghly
Inertia Interactive Media

Lenny Fodemski
Lockton Insurance Brokers
Chief Operations Officer/Managing Director

Wing Lam
Wahoo's Fish Tacos

Kenneth McCall
Mustard Seed Ranch
Chief Executive Officer

Thomas McCall
Lockton Insurance Brokers, LLC
Executive Vice President

Noah McMahon
Anonymous LLC

Roger Rodas
Merrill Lynch Wealth Mgmt.
Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor

John Townsend, PhD
Clinical Psychologist/Author

R-T Specialty, LLC
President, Los Angeles