rachel's STORY

Whispering in his ear, Rachel confided to her horse what had happened when she was nine years old. She was traveling in Arizona with her family, when her dad pulled over at a gas station. Rachel decided to go to the restroom while her father filled up the car with gas. When she returned, the car and her family were gone. “They must have run to the store,” she thought quietly to herself.


Rachel waited at the gas station for them to return. She waited … and waited. She waited for a day. One day turned into another, and then another. She was so hungry she had to scavenge the dumpster for food. She continued to wait. But they never came back for her. It wasn’t until two weeks later that someone found Rachel and helped her get into the social service system.


She was living in a group home when she visited Mustard Seed Ranch. This was the first time in her life she felt safe enough to tell her story out loud. First to her horse, then to us. As hard as it was for her to talk about being abandoned and rejected by her family, it was the first step in her healing. Hopefully now she he can release the weight of it from her life and move on.


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